Boost your career
All the final touches you need to give a powerful sound to your production.
Do you need profesional vocals to make your track really stand out? This service is for you.
Social media is crucial in your brands development and communication. With our services your presence can be global and personal.
Get your track published to all major stores and ultimiately Heard by the right people.
Take your branding to the next level. Ensure you have the most profesional logos, artwork and graphics.
Create a custom built plan to take your artist or label to the next level.
Music services to take your production to a professional standard.

You’ve finally finished producing that amazing track but you can’t quite get it to sound like those tracks you hear in your Spotify playlists and on the radio. This is a stage every producer goes through and we at SUPRMODE are here to help. Send us the individual tracks of your project and with our highly experienced team make sure it your track delivers the professional standard of mixing and mastering. Even if the track is not completely finished, no need to worry – we can begin straight away to assist you in the process of getting the best sound for your music.
Every producer goes through the struggle of completing a great instrumental but missing the final part. A matching topline to really create that radio hit. If you need vocals to your track, this service is for you.
The entire team at SUPRMODE with their extensive network of singers, songwriters and lyricists will be able to assist complete that track. You can choose between a full vocal pack with professional, industry standard vocals for your whole song, vocal composition, or just lyrical writing and delivery.  
Marketing and PR service to make sure your track reaches the biggest audience possible and the audience it
ultimiately deserves!
One of the most important things you can do when finishing a song is to let the world know about it. Here at SUPRMODE we want to make this process as easy possible. Within this service we can assist with Spotify, SoundCloud, Social Media and MUSICAL.LY promotion. We can also assist with email marketing and make sure each PR package is catered to your needs. With our depth in experience in the music industry we can make sure your content really delivers on all fronts and
Get your music out to the latest and greatest stores and streamers to allow your fans to listen to your music!
Have your ever dreamed of having your music on: Itunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon? We can assist you to make this process simple and easy. Here at SUPRMODE we can assist you, talking directly to delivery managers to make sure your campaign runs smoothly. Delivering in perfect timing for your promotion to start. Don’t be one of those producers that creates an amazing song but leaves it unheard but the millions of listeners that exist out there. Now is the time to get your music distributed.  
One of the most important parts to making sure your music gets the attention and fan retention it deserves is making sure it looks good when it hits the stores and social media.
Remember, the majority of times your audience will first see the track’s artwork before hearing the track so make sure you take time and dedication to get this part right. With our talented graphics and visual branding team here at SUPRMODE, you can make sure you can affordably and easily get your track stand out. 
Whether you need a logo, banner, social media cover art or that stunning track artwork – we are here to help!

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